Check, Please!

by Jay Hopkins and John Hunter

Dating can be hard - especially when your date happens to be a raging kleptomaniac, or your grandmother's bridge partner, or a mime. Check, Please follows a series of blind dinner dates that could not get any worse - until they do. Next in Check, Please: Take 2, a former couple is forced by their friends to go back into the dating pool. Unfortunately, that dating pool is filled with a foot-reading psychic, a frustrated polygamist, and an extreme accountant. And a pirate. But are blind dates really that unbearable? Yes. Yes, they are. Finally, the trilogy is complete with Check, Please: Take 3 which follows the dame former couple as they try to maintain a friendship while looking for the perfect partner. The course of true love never did run smooth, but does it have to be quite so rocky?

Girl --- Serena Gaylord

Kim --- Chloe Burcell

Mimi/Annie --- Maayan Tepman

Celeste/Sophie --- Kyleigh Krames

Mary/Sarah --- Sophia Sturiale

Julia/Brooke --- Jo Doyas

Melanie --- Nicole Player


Cleo --- Leila Boisvert

Pearl --- Katy Denebeim

Linda --- Rachel Jacobs

Donna --- Diya Gupta


Jackie --- Katherine Lai

Ruth --- Jessica Aaron


Guy --- Arya Nasikkar

Hank --- Ethan Lowe

Ken/Lyle --- Alex Brett

Manny/Alex/Servers --- Doran Tavrow

Tod/Paul/Garrett --- Oscar Dufosse

Louis/Dan --- Adam Hollingworth

Brandon/Eddie --- Michael Tucker

Dewey/Barry --- Justin Reed

Mark/Jones --- Nolan Taylorr