November 6 - 7


Cast List


 A bunch of customer service calls drive the customers and employees alike crazy when they are met with the strangest circumstances. And when two desperate NBC executives go in search for the next big hit, they've turned to the general viewing public for help. This pair of comedic one-acts will sure make you laugh!

Help Desk & Bad Ideas for Bad TV Shows

By Don Zolidis

Help Desk

Angel/Miley --- Sarah Schill

Jeralyn --- Maayan Tepman

Boris/Mara --- Serena Gaylord

Tanner --- Logan Kim

Talula/Brin --- Margot Johnsen

Carter/Brett --- Gareth Cartier

Vinny --- Arya Nasikkar

Watkins/Charlie --- Anand Mehta

Marcus --- Ethan Lowe

Bailey --- Kyleigh Krames

Dani/Jess --- Katherine Lai

Preston --- Oscar Dufosse

Monique --- Leila Boisvert

Tori --- Keira Chatwin

Masha/Yamira --- Diya Gupta

Boffo --- Nolan Taylor

Tamara/Mabel --- Victoria Yu

Brent --- Nick Huang

Milena --- Chloe Burcell

Vic --- Colin Urmson

Chase --- Ryan Jones

Bad Ideas for Bad TV Shows

Tooley --- Anand Mehta

Sammy --- Kyleigh Krames

Luke/Writer 1/Todd --- Gareth Cartier

Vet. Brenda/Jill/Campbell --- Maayan Tepman

Vet. Todd/Bill --- Nick Huang

Vet. Lara/Ariel/Angela --- Keira Chatwin

Jessica/Cassidy --- Victoria Yu

Sartre/Joey --- Colin Urmson

Sartre’s Mom/Gail --- Katherine Lai

Ellen Carnozzi/Mom --- Serena Gaylord

Bailey/Kinder Teacher --- Ryan Jones

Officer Bob/Brad --- Oscar Dufosse

Officer Steve/Jim Smiley/Carrot --- Logan Kim

Marcie/Mom --- Diya Gupta

Writer 2/Wife --- Margot Johnsen

Writer 3/Jenny --- Chloe Burcell

Sheila --- Leila Boisvert

Daughter --- Sarah Schill

Turkey Dad/Perp/Carl --- Nolan Taylor

Chuck/Man --- Arya Nasikkar

Darien --- Ethan Lowe

Tech Crew

Joie Rahn --- Stage Manager

Taylor Ewan --- Assistant Stage Manager

Hannah Kitamura --- Sound Designer

Audrey Boennighausen --- Assistant Sound Designer

Sofia Rodriguez Baquero --- Costume Designer

Ella Freda-Eskenazi --- Costume Designer

Nyla Janmohamed  --- Assistant Costume Designer

Carina Huang --- Publicity Manager

Nancy Moran --- Director