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Anand Mehta

I think acting is an interesting activity that has the potential to plunge the audience into a world beyond their imagination. From the most regular, truly realist scenes to the most fantastical, acting and theater can bring a world to life in a way that is not usually demonstrated on television or in film. There are no cuts or editing that can be done once you get onto the stage; the performance is between you and the audience, and how well you do in that performance becomes more real. It’s a one take activity - there are no reruns and there are no do-overs. If you make a mistake, adapt and continue. If someone else does, try to recognize it and improvise. That’s the joy of theater: it brings unpredictability and thrill, and allows one to explore different characters and situations in the most direct way possible.

I wouldn’t pursue theater as my career, but I would be inclined to take it up as a hobby in college and in the future.

I do debate and I’m pretty interested in political science and economics, which makes theater a fun outlet for creativity.

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