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Carina Huang

Honestly I have like no real theatre experience. I did some plays when I was a kid and I was a dancer in the school musical but not gonna lie, I've never been super interested in theatre itself like broadway shows and playwrights. I've always just enjoyed watching the broken box shows and other plays that my friends have performed in.

My favorite part of broken box is definitely the people and the energy. It's totally my favorite class. The class is just really fun and chill and everyone's super kind and supportive of one another. Like we just hype each other up and it's like amazing. Aside from that though, I absolutely love being publicity manager just because it feels like my own little thing I get to do. I get a lot of creative freedom with it which is the best ever because I get to create fun graphics/posters and design the website and run the instagram (best thing ever!!!).

I don't plan on pursuing theatre but I do plan on pursuing something similar to what I do as publicity manager which is marketing.

My ideal date is sitting in the car and eating chicken wings together while playing "Hopelessly devoted to you" and out of all the kardashians, I identify with Khloe the most and a hint of Kourtney.

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