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Chloe Burcell

Updated: Apr 3

I saw Beauty and the Beast here at LAHS when I was about four, and I remember feeling both mildly terrified of all the freshmen boys walking around onstage in wolf masks, and inspired by all the talented singers and actors.  My first play ever was Peter Pan when I was six, and I played Wendy. I was so excited about that experience, and I wanted to do more shows.  I also have twelve years of dance experience and growing up I loved performing at dance recitals every year. I also did choir, community theater, acting classes, musical theater, and was a member of a dance company throughout elementary and middle school.  I've always felt really comfortable on stage, and over the years I've been drawn more and more to acting. I've probably performed in about seventeen shows prior to broken box, and I worked backstage in the tech crew at least three times before. I did Acting One freshman year as well. In the spring of my freshman year, I was cast in a professional film, which was an incredible experience and I learned a lot about film acting techniques. I also did a month-long summer conservatory in San Francisco this summer, with American Conservatory Theater, where I took classes and intensives for my acting and musical theater skills. 

I plan on doing more conservatories and applying to colleges with film and theater programs. While I love acting, I am very drawn to directing, screenwriting, and design for film as well. I have been focusing a lot over the past two years on building my portfolios for each. This year I will be directing my first play, and I recently finished a show in San Francisco with American Conservatory Theater that I both acted in and wrote five plays for! I'm the vice president of Improv Club at school, where my friends and I enjoy experimenting with new games and working on my acting skills. I also make short films with my friends for my college and job portfolios and submit short stories to magazines in my free time. I have the intention to go as far as I possibly can with acting, whether for film or tech, and hopefully, I will be lucky enough to have it be my main career. But whether or not that happens, I will most definitely be pursuing a career in tech or production for one or both of the two. I can't wait to see where this takes me :)

Everyone in broken box cracks me up, so this is going to be really hard to say for sure. I think that Rachel's carpool was so crazy and fun for tech dinners!  Also, Nolan is undeniably the funniest person of all time and an absolute legend. He has never failed to make me laugh. 

I'm always hungry and I'd pretty much eat anything. But, my favorite meal that I get in between shows is Bonchon chicken wings and Thai Milk Tea boba. 

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