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Diya Gupta

Updated: Apr 3

I have always been interested in theatre, but when I moved from Florida to the Bay Area, it was the first time I really saw theatre as an extracurricular activity, as there are a lot more opportunities here than in Florida. I started by being a part of school plays (in my first show, I played Tinkerbell in Peter Pan), and then slowly transitioned to PYT. However, after only two shows at PYT, I decided to prioritize playing sports, a tough decision I needed to make, as both activities overlapped. However, when I found that I could take Acting I and Broken Box at the high school during a class period while also participating in after-school sports, I was really excited and jumped on the opportunity! So, that’s where it began - Acting I Freshman year and then Broken Box for next three! Overall, I think theatre has helped me a lot with public speaking, encourages school involvement, and has helped me make some of my closest friends. I can wholeheartedly say that being a part of Broken Box has been one of my best choices in all of high school, and am so thrilled that I was able to continue my passion for theatre through this class!

It is so hard to choose a “favorite part” of Broken Box, as cliche as that may sound. However, my favorite memories are probably from the hours right before a show in the dressing room and backstage. The traditions are endless and the energy is completely unmatchable, and I think any member of Broken Box who has been a part of the process of getting ready right before a show will say it is definitely a very memorable scene. I especially love how the upperclassmen tell stories and share memories of their previous years, and how the underclassmen are able to emulate the same energy and traditions for years to come.

I hope so! I will definitely try my hardest to stay involved in theatre one way or another, and am sure that if my college offers theatre as a club, I will take part in it. Theatre has been such a key part of my high school experience and has always been such a great way for me to meet people, destress, and learn more about myself, and I totally see myself continuing this pattern beyond my high school years.

I love cooking and baking - a hobby I have picked up during quarantine! I like making dinner for my family and learning how to make new things, regardless of whether they are savory or sweet! And another thing keeping me sane during quarantine has been my dog, Leia! She is turning 5 in 2021 and absolutely loves going to the beach! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy - remember to wear your masks :)

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