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Gareth Cartier

My theatre experience started in 7th grade with making one of my electives an acting class. Since 7th grade, I've done acting every single year and enjoyed it so much. The community is really fun to get to know and talk to, and it was also really fun planning and performing in the many plays that I was a part of! Overall, my theatre experience has been a blast so far, and I've got a feeling it will continue to be super fun throughout my acting career!

My favorite part of Broken Box is tied between my amazing classmates who are now my good friends, and preparing and having fun acting in plays. This community is the most amazing thing to be in, and everything that we do together is so special and memorable. My favorite part of Broken Box is that it exists.

I'm 100% sure my future will hold acting, because we act in our day-to-day lives without even realizing, however I don't know yet if I will continue in theatre. I enjoy many other things as well, such as baseball, editing, streaming (which is also basically acting), and it will be hard to pick one to specialize in life later.

Some nice fun facts about me would be that I have two cats, my fav color is mint green, and my favorite subject currently is Acting. :)

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