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Katherine Lai

I began theater when I reluctantly joined a school musical in 5th grade with my best friend. I quickly fell in love with it and the excitement of acting. Since then, I've done a handful of shows, but was actually introduced to Broken Box by my brother, surprisingly enough.

My favorite part of the class is definitely the people. They make it an incomparable experience that I wouldn't trade for anything. Without the upperclassmen that helped me settle in and the underclassmen who I can pass on the comfort to, I would likely still feel out of place and a little lost at LAHS.

I plan to pursue acting in some form when I go off to college, as it's always been a hobby for me. And not to sound cliche, but an escape, too. Hopefully, there's a club or group that awaits me there.

My dream location to visit is probably Greece because it has breathtaking views and I would love to see them in person. I've also discovered an affinity for nature and hiking that hadn't been so strong before. So if you ever want to go hiking, I'm your person :)

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