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Keira Chatwin

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

I have always been interested in theatre from a young age when my mom enrolled me in an acting summer camp and I had so much fun. I was in a couple productions at my elementary and middle school, culminating in the musical Legally Blonde in 8th grade. I joined Acting I and then Broken Box because I wanted to continue to pursue the theater experience I have always enjoyed so much.

My favorite part of Broken Box is definitely the community that we have built. Even online, the connections and the class time we spend together is so much fun and I have loved being able to get to know everyone.

I would love to pursue theater after Broken Box. I'm not really sure how I would do that just yet, but I hope I can get involved somehow because it has been such an amazing experience for me.

I have two cute kittens that I love spending time with and my favorite color is purple.

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