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Kyleigh Krames

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

I've been interested in acting since I auditioned for two school plays in elementary school sponsored by a local performing arts company. Although I didn't see how much acting meant to me then, I carried those experiences with me in the back of my mind up until high school; when I decided to take Acting One in my sophomore year. Initially, I'll be honest, signing up for the class was mostly centered around my need to fulfill my fine arts credentials, but as I dived deeper into the class projects and allowed myself to really enjoy the class, that's when I finally openly recognized my love for drama; a love I had forgotten about since those two musicals in elementary school. Broken Box has been amazing these past two years, and I'm sad that this is my last year and it's on zoom, but I hope to sign up for drama in college in the fall and participate in shows as a hobby.

My favorite moments in Broken Box typically happen during tech week, since everything is chaotic and crazy. But this year, my favorite moments have been the side projects we do in between shows, where we write a poem with a partner and perform it, or plan to surprise Mrs. Moran in class with a roster full of stuffed animals.

I'd love to keep drama as a hobby after high school and I plan to sign up for clubs and shows in college any chance I get.

Fun fact: my family got a new dog this past year during quarantine because having four animals wasn't enough to keep us entertained ;).

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