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Lauren Kermode

I haven't really had much experience with theatre, except for working curtains for a musical in middle school. I do however like to watch plays, my dad was in theatre in high school and he loved it, so he would bring me to them when I was younger. My personal favorite parts of plays are the lights, seeing the colors and tricks is what sticks out to me the most. I love my job because I do like the theatre experience, but I wouldn't be very good with lights or sound...or acting. Though I am still a creative person, so making the tickets and posters is a great way to contribute without stressing out too much. Seeing the actors and being in the booth made me really realize how hard it is to make a play run smoothly. The techies and actors do a great job.

My favorite Broken Box moments so far are the tech week dinners. Drinking coffee for dinner and getting McDonald's ice cream cones was an experience, especially the ride back and talking with the other people in the car. A close second would be when the opening night of It's A Wonderful Life and we had a rave in the girls' dressing room. Everyone screaming for a second with the lights off scared me for a second. I don't really like sudden loud noises, but after the shock wore off it was really fun the jump dance in the dark with my friends. I can't really dance so good thing it was dark. I'd say my third favorite part so far is the final tech week dinner, getting the thank you card from the actors was really sweet. I felt appreciated. Goofing off in the pool was hella fun. I can wait for the next one.

My favorite animal is BEARS, they're so cute! I really like Grizzlies and Spirit (a.k.a Kermode) bears.

Hope you come to our next show! Don't tell the secret.

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