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Leila Boisvert

Updated: Apr 5

I have been doing theater for as long as I can remember! I remember how amazing I felt when I was cast as Rapunzel in my fifth grade production, and I wanted to keep auditioning for as many shows as I could. I think that my favorite role that I have had is Pumba from The Lion King that I performed in 8th grade. My absolute favorite broadway musical would have to be Waitress - I love the whole storyline and the soundtrack!

My favorite part of Broken Box would honestly have to be Tech Week. I love the nervousness but excitement everyone is feeling as we get closer to the day of our first show, and it is always such a fun week.

I definitely want to do some sort of theater in college, but I don't think that I would pursue it full time. I love acting and hope to keep it as a hobby!

I love baby pigs. I visited Japan last year and got to be in a room full of baby pigs, and I swore to myself that I would never eat bacon again. Unfortunately, I broke that promise a couple of months ago when I ate a BLT sandwhich... oops!

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