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Mrs. Moran

Updated: Apr 5

I fell in love with theatre in the 3rd grade when I played Aunt Polly in the musical Tom Sawyer - I was hooked. Later in high school, I enjoyed a run as Marty in Grease and found escape in the characters I created on stage. And while I started my college path as an occupational therapy major, theatre and acting drew me back in and I transferred to SDSU to earn a B.A. in Drama with an emphasis in directing.

My favorite part of Broken Box is always the process. Watching a group of students grow together to create a show is the most rewarding part of my job. In the role of director, I find great satisfaction in the work we complete together as a team. I have learned a lot about collaboration, patience, and compassion from Broken Box students over the past 24 years.

When the time comes to retire, I will be sure to stay connected to theatre in some way. I would love to spend a few months in New York, seeing as many musicals, plays and Off-Broadway productions as possible. There will also be a trip to Italy in my future.

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