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Ryan Jones

I have always been a energetic and theatrical kid. So as soon as I was old enough my mom enrolled me in theatre classes and I loved it! I took drama classes, summer camps, and did small kid shows until I finally was old enough to join PYT's main stage productions. Since then I did one show every summer until middle school. At that point my I started doing young actors theatre camp over the summers instead. There I also delved into music and film and screenwriting.

My favorite part of the broken box is the environment, and how friendly al the people are. I truly believe theatre people are the best people and you can see that clearly in how lovely everyone is. People who I don't know outside of class now say hi to me on the streets. It really is just a wonderful community. If I were to give specific examples I think my favorite part of the class so far would be the secret Santa. I had so much fun picking out gifts and dropping it off like a secret gift ninja. And for Christmas Leila gave me two Christmas beanies so I gave one to my girlfriend and we've been wearing them practically every day. I am very grateful to her!

I joined Broken box this year, my senior year, and hope to have a career in the arts when I am older.

Fun fact about me: As of now I plan to pursue culinary school but would love to work smaller jobs in the arts as well while I study.

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