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Serena Gaylord

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Three fun facts about Serena:

1) She is a senior.

2) She got into theater after watching her elementary school's production of "Beauty and The Beast" in sixth grade.

3) She is very fond of fun facts and recently wrote a whole toastmasters speech solely containing fun facts about herself. This became a trend within SCL (student community leaders); since giving her speech, five more people have done speeches about their own fun facts.

Below is an excerpt of Serena's bio from her first year in broken box:

"My favorite animal you ask? What a complicated question... It changes depending on the day. On Tuesday it was a Lemur, but now it's Wednesday and the obvious choice is Ankylosaurus. Which fun fact, is Ethan Lowe's favorite dinosaur."

*Not a picture of Serena, it's an Ankylosaurus

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