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Updated: Apr 3

When I was in sixth grade, my school put on a musical, Beauty in the Beast. I wanted to do the musical so bad, I even practiced singing "reflection" from Mulan to try to win over the teachers who were judging the audition. But, at the time I was fully committed to a competitive dance team, and that's a big commitment for a sixth-grader. After a year of being stupidly butt-hurt about not being able to do the sixth-grade musical, I stopped dancing at that studio and I decided to audition for a play! So thanks to a jealous, butt-hurt, eleven-year-old Serena and the glittering Santa Rita Elementary production of Beauty and the Beast, I finally got into theater. Since then I've done two big musicals and numerous smaller shows with Peninsula Youth Theater before auditioning for Broken Box. 

Every moment in Broken Box is my favorite. Aside from that cheesy response, the moments I really treasure are outside of class because really that's when you least expect them. The cast party is one of my favorite memories, racing out of Nicole's car just to be first in line at Chipolte for tech dinner, backstage on opening night, those are only three out of millions of my favorite moments. 

I go wherever the will dice roll in the Game of Life... Even though that game is played with a spinner...whoops. Well, I hope I will carry drama with me in any capacity, professional or just for fun wherever the dice/spinner lands :)

My favorite animal you ask? What a complicated question...

It changes depending on the day. On Tuesday it was a Lemur, but now it's Wednesday and the obvious choice is Ankylosaurus. Which fun fact, is Ethan's favorite dinosaur.

*Not a picture of Serena, it's an Ankylosaurus

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