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Chamu Palaniappan has been with Broken Box Theatre Company for two years. Last year, she held the role of assistant costume designer. This year, she is the head costume designer and works alongside her assistant, Sofia Rodriguez Baquero.

Why did you want to be a part of Broken Box Theatre Company?

I had always been interested in costume and fashion design and thought that this would be good experience. I had also seen all the previous Broken Box shows and wanted to help put on something just as amazing.

Chamu and Sofia working hard on one of Broken Box's most complex shows costume-wise: "The Iliad..."

What was your first theatrical experience?

My first theatrical experience was Bye Bye Birdie. I was in in seventh grade.

What does Broken Box mean to you?


Chamu's costume design for "The Iliad..."

What is a favorite memory from Broken Box?

Any and all of the cast parties! We all eat food and have fun together to celebrate our hard work.

What are three words that best describe you?

Creative, funny, and passionate.

Chamu's costume design for "Don't Try to Wake Him, Hand Me the Shovel"

What makes you most happy?

Spending time with friends, music, and dogs!

Do you have any dream roles or productions you'd like to costume design?

I'd love to costume design The Rocky Horror Show. The costumes would be incredible. As for acting, Elle Woods from Legally Blonde or Velma from Chicago.

Once Chamu graduates, her assistant, Sofia, will take on her position. Broken Box will miss Chamu and her creativity. We wish her luck with her plans after high school!

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