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Please welcome to the blog... Desiree Medina! Desiree is a senior and is about to complete her first and final year with Broken Box. Although she was part of Broken Box for only one year, Desiree has made a great impact with the company.

Why did you want to audition for Broken Box Theatre Company?

I decided to join Broken Box because I have always had a passion for theatre, and performing is the one thing that makes me really happy.

What was your first theatrical experience?

My first theatrical experience was when I was eight years old. I participated in my city's local theatre company and was cast as the Cheshire Cat in their production of Alice in Wonderland.

What does Broken Box mean to you in one word?


What do you hope to achieve while in Broken Box?

I hope to grow as an actress and join a new welcoming family. I hope to keep the friends I make for a long time.

Do you have a favorite memory from Broken Box?

My favorite memory is definitely playing acting games in class and performing in our first play: Don't Try to Wake Him, Hand Me the Shovel. I was the female lead, Helen Highwater the reporter. Being Helen Highwater was a dream. I loved this character from the beginning. and I am so grateful I was able to play her to the best of my ability. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot from everyone in the play. The cast is incredibly talented and loving.

Desiree Medina (left) and Nolan Taylor (right) in "Don't Try to Wake Him, Hand Me the Shovel"

Do you have a dream role?

My dream role is Sandy in Grease. I first watched the movie when I was five years old. I have always loved it and will continue to enjoy it. The music, the choreography, the costumes, and everything was perfect. As a five year old, I knew that I wanted to do what they were doing in the film! I actually had to opportunity to play Frenchie in Grease once before. Also, I was Merryweather in a production of Sleeping Beauty.

What are three words that best describe you?

Loud, bubbly, and expressive.

What makes you most happy?

Theatre and performing in general! (And, my friends!) I can always count on theatre and my friends to make me happy.

Broken Box is definitely sad that Desiree has to graduate. We will miss her enthusiasm and high-energy characters she always portrayed. Broken Box wishes her luck on her plans after high school!

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