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Spotlight on HENRY LAI

Welcome to the blog... Henry Lai! Henry has put in a staggering amount of effort into Broken Box Theatre Company and has been awarded the Gypsy Robe for his participation in last year's drama, The Remarkable Incident at Carson Corners. Scroll down to learn more about Henry who is one of the two senior boys in Broken Box.

Why did you decide to audition for Broken Box Theatre Company?

I decided to audition for Broken Box Theatre Company because I wanted to try something new. I had enjoyed Acting I, so I auditioned on a bit of whim, but I am forever glad that I did. My first theatrical experience was actually the introductory acting class at Los Altos High, and it was during my sophomore year.

What does Broken Box mean to you?

Where creative individuality meets a warm community.

What is your favorite memory from Broken Box so far?

My favorite memory of Broken Box was the ending of our first show, where we stood up on stage all together and bowed before an applauding crowd. The ensuing meeting backstage and the words of inspiration from various members was exhilarating, and when we finally went outside to meet the audience I was overflowing with joy and pride in myself and my fellow actors and actresses.

What do you hope to achieve while participating in Broken Box?

I want to improve as an actor, and by doing so improve as a human being. Much of acting comes from empathy and learning behavior, and those are very human traits. Becoming better at those things hopefully can improve my acting and social skills.

What are three words that best describe you?

Wise, silly, and passionate.

What makes you most happy?

Attaining my dreams or seeing others attain their dreams makes me the most happy.

What is your dream role?

At the moment, my dream role is probably Alexander Hamilton in Hamilton.

Is there anything you'd like to share about your previous productions with Broken Box?

For the first show I was in, The Lonely Hearts Club in November of 2017, I was a police officer and a house servant, but the servant's role was one that stuck with me. As Prince Edward Island, I had about four lines in the whole play, but I never felt like I was a small presence onstage. I realized the importance of the supporting characters and I knew, no matter how small the role, there is always something you can do with it. The second show I was a father and a pharmacist, and I really explored the limits of my maturity and "adultness." Being a father of an actor my own age is quite difficult, because I needed to give off that fatherly aura. It was very interesting to do that while practicing my dramatic acting in my first dramatic play. And the final play of last year. I was two characters once again, but I was comfortable with myself and the other actors so it wasn't difficult. The third play I probably enjoyed the most, because I was acting with people that I'd become very familiar with, to the point of longtime friends or even family. It was also the last play with the seniors, and I wanted them to have a good memory of Broken Box after they left.

Henry Lai will next be seen in Broken Box's production of Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry. He will be taking on the role of Jordan, a teenager who struggles with issues at home as well as relationships with his peers. The production performs on February 28-March 2. For more information visit this play's tab on our website!

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