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Spotlight on MAHIKA GUPTA

Mahika Gupta is one of our senior members in Broken Box and joined the theatre company in her sophomore year. Keep on reading to learn more about Mahika's many experiences with Broken Box!

Why did you decide to audition for Broken Box Theatre Company?

Originally, I joined Acting I class in my freshman year. I saw it as an easy way to complete my fine arts credits. However, as the class progressed, I realized how much I loved acting.

What was your first theatrical experience?

My first theatrical experience was when I was five years old. I played Dot in a production of 101 Dalmatians. I had only one line, but it spurred my love for theatre!

What does Broken Box mean to you?

A big happily unhappy family.

What is your favorite memory from Broken Box?

During a kick-off party at the beginning of my sophomore year, Allison Wang, the costume designer at the time, buried me in a sandbox and that's how we became best friends. Since it was my first year, that was where I got to know most of the cast. Also, we ended up pushing one of my cast-mates into a pool for being late to the party!

What do you hope to achieve while in Broken Box?

I hope to become more confident with being vulnerable in front of an audience. Through the characters I play, I hope to gain a better understanding of myself as well.

What are three words that best describe you?

Independent, caring, and tall!

What makes you most happy?


Do you have a dream role?

I'd love to be Baby from Dirty Dancing.

You may have seen Mahika in past Broken Box roles like Matilda in Robin Hood and His Merry Men, Peggy in Go Ask Alice, Julie in The Lonely Hearts Club, and Miranda in Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry. Soon, she will be playing Helen of Troy, Calypso, Midas, and other roles in the upcoming production of The Iliad, the Odyssey, and All of Greek Mythology in 99 Minutes which performs April 25-27.

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