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Spotlight on MIA VAN DELOO

Please welcome Broken Box Theatre Company's current Publicity Manager, Mia Van Deloo! She is a hardworking junior who has, for the past two years, helped with designing tickets, making videos publicizing productions, and creating posters. Keep on reading to get to know Mia more!

Why did you decide to audition for Broken Box Theatre Company?

I was really inspired by the production Go Ask Alice which I saw my freshman year. I thought it would be a great team to be a part of as well.

What do you hope to achieve while in Broken Box?

In Broken Box, I wanted to meet new people and be inspired by those around me. I want to work with my classmates to create amazing productions.

What does Broken Box mean to you in one word?

A team.

Have you acted in productions outside of school?

Yes! My first theatrical experience was when I was in Peter Pan, and I played Nana and a Lost Boy. I recently just did The Wolves with American Conservatory Theatre which I performed over spring break! Also, I should mention that I did act in one of Broken Box's plays last year. I was in The Remarkable Incident at Carson Corners which was crazy because I had to do both my tech job as Publicity Manager and be an actor.

Mia Van Deloo (second from left) as Janet in "The Remarkable Incident at Carson Corners"

What is your favorite memory from Broken Box?

One of my favorite memories is when we all went to the Halloween Haunt at Great America. I got really scared in one of the Haunted Houses, so I ended up body slamming Oscar, an actor in Broken Box, because I was running so fast.

What are three words that best describe you?

Crazy, coordinated, and compassionate.

What makes you most happy?

Dancing, acting, being around my friends/family, and walking around large cities!

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