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Spotlight on TANYA SANGANI

For those who have been watching Broken Box productions for the past few years, a definite stand-out and member for three years straight is senior Tanya Sangani. Continue reading to learn more about Tanya's journey with Broken Box and theatre in general.

Why did you decide to audition for Broken Box Theatre Company?

I decided to audition for Broken Box because I wanted that family and loving experience everyone was telling me about! It turned out to be just that!

What was you first theatrical experience and when?

My first theatrical experience was when I was in fifth grade and played Mulan!

What does Broken Box mean to you?

My family! :)

What is your favorite memory from Broken Box?

My favorite memory in Broken Box were the Rap Battles. My friend broke her tooth on an ice cream sandwich.

What do you hope to achieve while in Broken Box?

I hope to achieve happiness, a family feel, and real connections with new people. I hope to learn more about myself along the way.

What are some words that best describe you?

Short, sassy, and overly happy!

Tanya Sangani (right) as Buffy the head cheerleader in "Don't Try to Wake Him, Hand Me the Shovel"

What makes you most happy?

Grandmas, Ms. Gorman (and the College and Career Center), and puppies!

Do you have a dream role?

Rizzo in Grease on Broadway!

What past roles have you had while in Broken Box?

I was Alex in Go Ask Alice, Magdalena in The Lonely Hearts Club, Ashley in Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry, and Buffy the head cheerleader in Don't Try to Wake Him, Hand Me the Shovel.

Outside of Broken Box, I've been Mulan in Mulan and Sandy in Grease at my elementary school. Also, I was Little Red Riding Hood in one of Peninsula Youth Theatre's summer camp productions.

Tanya will be ending her Broken Box career soon with The Iliad, the Odyssey, and All of Green Mythology in 99 Minutes or Less. She will be playing Patroklos, Persephone, Pandaros, and a list of other roles. Come see Tanya and the rest of the cast on April 25-27 at 7pm. Tickets can be bought for $8 at the door.

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