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Sydney Enthoven

I've been in tech for about 4 years now, with my first ever tech experience being on the Freshman musical "The Boyfriend" as an ASM (assistant stage manager). I did actually plan on being an actor for a while, my sister had told me about Broken Box and I thought it would be really fun, and I even took acting as a freshman, but as time went on I realized I liked directing and design and production a lot more, and I wanted to try something new, so I asked Ms. Moran if I could be the stage manager, and she said yes! And here we are, many years later, with me as a stage manager in love with tech theater.

I love everything about being a stage manager, so it really is hard to pick a favorite thing. Something that brings me great joy is when I call something right on time. The lights going perfectly, the sound hitting just at the right moment for the biggest amount of impact, it's this magical moment where I feel fully in control of the show and everything looks and feels exactly how I want it to. Those perfect moments of timing are fleeting and no one else really cares about them, but they matter a lot to me.

Yes! I'm looking into colleges with good technical theater and stage management programs right now! It depends on where I get in, because I'm also looking into film production, but wherever I go I think I'll be a part of the theater program, I can't stay away!

I have a million great memories of broken box, from the time I threatened Henry with a prop gun to the time we talked about spirit animals in the booth. There isn't one bug moment per se that I remember as being the best, just a bunch of little memories of funny things happening. So far this year, my favorite memory has been the panicking of the booth as we were forced into crunch time for the scenes at the start of the year. The whole thing with playing jingle bells right at the start of a super serious intense scene and then yelling #JingleBellsJuxtaposition for the next hour was just... good times. All of us moving around and yelling and programming sound cues minutes before they were happening, trying to get the lights to the right position, laughing about chicken and cow noises, it was really a moment where our booth techies came together and got to experience a little slice of how chaotic tech can be some times.

Dogs! Cats are pretty cool though, but I just really like doggos.

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