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Taylor Ewan

My theatre experience isn't super extensive but I started getting into theatre and shows when I was in 6th grade when I played Smee in Peter Pan Junior. I then did a small role in Beauty and the Beast at PYT in 7th grade. After that, I got super into the behind the scenes rather than acting and since then have done high school musical on tech crew and now I am lucky to be our assistant stage manager this year!

My favorite part of Broken Box is the family that we have here. Although this year is super different with online format I still love getting to have a good time during class and it is one of the classes I look forward to! Our jokes in the chat and writing our own production keep me energized in this hard time.

I don't think that I will work on tech in theatre in the future, however I hope to work on crew for shows and movies! Of course, I hope to still go and see shows all the time.

A fun fact about me is I OBSESS over shows and movies and for the past few weeks I have been super into The Umbrella Academy. My all time favorite movie series of all time would have to be Harry Potter. I also use After Effects to do visual effects and I hope to take classes over the summer to build my skills. It is my dream to be a visual effects supervisor at a feature film. ALSO! I really want to visit Toronto or live there at some point.

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