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Tom Hocquet

I have been in tech for 2 years going into my 3rd year. I absolutely love it and I joined because I wanted to work on shows behind the scenes and I love sound.

I have been an actor when I was younger. I did a French piece in 8th grade, then joined acting 1 in 9th. While I was in broken box I had to take a role in 10th grade in Carson's corners! 

I do not plan to pursue it as a career but I will definitely stay in the world of theatre and tech when I get older as a hobby and interest. 

I have a lot of them. Many of my favorites do come with this class and people from this class. But one moment that felt really rewarding was during the Greek mythology show we had a lot of queues and tech was very hard and challenging. We put in extra hours and the show one time just kind of clicked which was really satisfying. 

Purple because I love red and blue (that way I picked 3 colors)

*Dinosaur screaming sound*

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